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In November 2017, DP Landscape Architecture approached MS Environmental to request photography and visualisation services for the proposed Mount Oswald student campus, in order to satisfy the requirements of Durham County Council landscape officers.

The photography was taken in excellent weather conditions on 18 November. Willmore Iles completed their 3D modelling in early December 2017. Their Revit models were supplied and materials re-mapped using VRay.

The landscaping scheme was prepared by DP Landscape Architecture and added to the 3D model.

Finally, a wintertime photo-realistic montage was generated. The results were supplied to the satisfaction of Durham County Council planning officers in the second week of December.

In August 2017 the National Trust, together with the Landscape Agency, commissioned MS Environmental to undertake verified photography, 3D modelling, visualisations and calculate the extent of theoretical visibility for a proposed 400 unit housing development near Ripon.

The project was taken to Public Inquiry in October, with the Landscape Agency preparing the landscape evidence.

The project included a package of work consisting of day and night-time verified photography, a photograph from the roof of a listed building (which required roof ladders and climbing harnesses), as well as 3D modelling and the generation of visualisations suitable for Public Inquiry.

The work was commissioned by Natasha Rowland, Planning Officer at the National Trust.

Working alongside Holder Mathias Architects and Smeeden Foreman Landscape Architects, we were commissioned to undertake a series of complex visualisations across the Raithwaite Estate near Whitby.

Extensive leisure proposals are proposed for the site, which is highly sensitive due to its proximity to the National Park and the presence of ancient woodland. Holder Mathias developed a series of layouts in 3D Studio which we imported, geo-referenced and used to generate visualisation sequences.


Welcome to MS Environmental, the home of cutting edge technical photography, camera location surveying, 3D modelling, visualisations and the photo-realistic photomontage.

We are the choice of strategic infrastructure developers throughout the UK and overseas. Projects supported include Oxford University Science Park, White Rose Carbon Capture, large-scale tower blocks in London and Port of Leith Masterplan in Edinburgh.

In 2017 alone, we produced visualisations for cross-examination for 11 Public Inquiries, working with developers, the National Trust and local authorities. Our founder, Mike Spence, was also involved in updating the Landscape Institute’s ‘Technical Advice Note 01/11’ and supporting SNH research for their ‘Visual Representation of Windfarms Guidance’.

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MS Environmental specialises in technical photography, GNSS surveying (RTK enabled), 3D modelling, visualisation and technical GIS services. Our expertise aids landscape architects and other professionals working in environmental impact assessment, development planning and consultation.

Established in 2000, our practice is at the forefront of technical photomontage work. Using full frame sensor DSLR cameras, the latest GNSS survey equipment and complex 3D modelling procedures, we provide valued technical and professional services to clients across the UK and overseas.

From wind farms to power stations, housing development to recycling – MS Environmental is your means to envision the future.